Go on offense to re-energize your team

By David Kidder, Co-founder+ CEO of Bionic

Common wisdom holds that the first 100 days of a new year (or a new job, relationship, etc.) are the most important for driving the momentum that leads to success for the rest of the year. Last week, we passed day 100 of 2021. And as we all know, this past year was different, and our teams started the year already feeling depleted and trying to catch their breath. So, you may be panicking that you’re too late to gain the momentum back and get your strategic goals in line. You may be…

How to lead teams who are already exhausted

By: David Kidder, Co-Founder + CEO, Bionic

Since the start of the year, I have had more than a dozen conversations with executive leaders and their teams. All of them have told me the same thing: Our people are already depleted. The energy on our teams has bottomed out. Everyone is running on empty, and it’s only March.

Many of us assumed that when the holidays rolled around in December, the time off would restore and rejuvenate everyone — myself included. Most of our partners went pencils down on December 15, starting off their holiday break earlier than usual. But…

By: John Geraci, Stephanie Schott, Greg Brody, Hanny Hindi, and Suzy Coman

When you think about supply chain, understanding customers and their needs is not the first thing that comes to mind. The role of a supply chain generally speaking is to source and deliver a product on time, with the greatest efficiency, reliability, and at the lowest possible cost. The actual specifications of the product are not up for debate.

But taking a customer-centric approach to your supply chain as you do with other parts of your business can have unexpected benefits. The supply chain, far from being a…

As the AgTech IoT space consolidates, corporations look for technologies that expand their capabilities and integrate with their existing offerings.

By Harman Johar

Research Contributions by Godfrey Bakuli, Ariel Steinlauf, and KJ Zeitlian

Photo by Luke Thornton on Unsplash

Using IoT Technology in Agriculture Today

The early emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) sparked enthusiasm for the potential use of data to improve the way we grow our food, and particularly the way we raise livestock. Yet, agtech has seen the number and variety of IoT sensors proliferate faster than the ability to extract insights from them. Today’s farmers and livestock producers are finding themselves overwhelmed with sensors and buried under growing caches of unanalyzed data.

The salmon farming industry is an excellent example of the current over-propagation of IoT sensors in agriculture and livestock tech. IoT data…

Why behavior-driven research is key to developing products

By: Jordan Kerzee, Senior Product Designer at Bionic. With contributions from Juliette LaMontagne, Chief Learning Architect, and Stephanie Schott, Head of Product Development at Bionic

When I began my career in product development, I was incredibly frustrated by how often I designed and built products that were ultimately doomed. The tools of conventional research helped me understand how to design a product and potential ways it could be used, but it didn’t tell me whether or not consumers would actually use it. …

How to Find, Support, and Encourage Entrepreneurial Activity in YOUR Company

By Viv Goldstein, Vice President of Executive and Organizational Development at Bionic

It is safe to say that all corporations want to be focused on value creation, innovation, and growth. The need to be innovative, agile, resilient, and to foster the entrepreneurial skills that enable such growth has never been more critical. Yet, at Bionic, we often hear the leaders of corporations lament, “we just don’t have the right entrepreneurial talent inside our organization.” …

How to know it’s time to (re)optimize your growth portfolio

By: Godfrey Bakuli, Head of Reconnaissance; Viv Goldstein, VP of Organizational & Executive Development; and Stephanie Schott, Head of Product Development at Bionic; and John Geraci, Principal at Upward

The new realities of life in the pandemic have turned previously held assumptions about customers, value creation, and business models on their head. For organizations that are investing in and managing a portfolio of new growth initiatives, these past months should prompt leaders to ask these pertinent questions:

  • Am I still investing in the right growth opportunities?
  • Should I allocate resources differently?
  • How can I maximize the limited resources I have…

How to close the gap between you and your team to emerge stronger from crisis

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

By: General Stanley A. McChrystal and David Kidder

Every leader wants to believe that they are going to direct their organization to success and to greatness. They get up in the morning, look themselves in the mirror and think, “I am going to lead the way.” At work they see themselves as the person in control, the person with the answers to every pressing question. They thrive on being at the center of it all, making the big decisions, and feeling as though they are…

By Harman Johar, Entrepreneur at Bionic, and Jordan Kerzee, Senior Product Designer at Bionic

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

While our home offices might be feeling more comfortable with each day that passes in the pandemic, true team culture has yet to be replicated in isolation. When COVID forced remote work as the new normal, teams who were thriving in collocated office environments became isolated overnight. Individuals who’d spent years collaborating in person scrambled to recreate their dynamics online and to communicate in ways that felt natural and effective. Some adapted, others struggled, but just about everyone felt weirdly detached and lonely. Then came the…

You’ve been given a rare opportunity to rebuild your company into something more resilient and flexible — don’t waste it.

Co-authored by Gautam Mukunda, Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and David Kidder, Co-Founder & CEO at Bionic

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

2020 has, so far, been one of the most tumultuous years in living memory. The year is only halfway through and we have seen major crises to our health, economy, and society take hold. Responding to all of this upheaval requires more flexibility than most organizations possess. What’s more, this rapid pace of events and constant barrage of disruptions feels like a new normal. We need to adapt quickly to thrive in the world ahead.

With this strain and upheaval comes an opportunity — the chance to rebuild.

The bowl and the marble

Imagine a bowl with a marble in it. You push the marble…


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