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  • Melissa Witheriff

    Melissa Witheriff

  • Scott McDonald

    Scott McDonald

    UX, Product and Digital Innovation Leader, Co-founder, Modern Accelerator

  • Dean Stamos

    Dean Stamos

    living to learn

  • Cameron Price

    Cameron Price

    Social entrepreneur by day, writer by night ...

  • 天空 X

    天空 X

  • Neil Baptista

    Neil Baptista

    Founder, Innovator, Angel, Mentor

  • Marc Foglino

    Marc Foglino

    Entrepreneur, CEO, Product & growth consultant, speaker and blogger. Passion for Technology and Psychology. Lifelong learner. Mindfulness practitioner. Gamer.

  • Jennifer Alsever

    Jennifer Alsever

    I write. Journalist and author of weird, but awesome young adult fiction.

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